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MIU is an online distance learning university dedicated to accessible, quality and impact-driven education. MIU provides a wide range of certificates and diploma centring on entrepreneurship, sustainability and conflict transformation. 

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We are working to establish university partnerships with linked-minded institutions who will delivery their courses and host their students on the ICO Vienna Institute site.

*Coming soon



*Coming soon.




Student Enrolments for each academic years will arise through varied avenues. First by students taking courses offered by the various institutions on site. Partner universities such as Management International University and the University of Massachusetts will offer a range of courses linked to ICO activities. These will be pre-bachelor, bachelor and graduate courses.


Secondly, the establishment of new collaborations, in particular new strategic corporate partnerships with bank and business partners, and the introduction of the new exchange and mobility programmes will attract students interested in courses in entrepreneurship, management & sustainability.


Lastly, we aim to promote a collaborative training atmosphere between ICO & research centres on the site, The activities of ICO and the research centres will also attract students and researchers.

Taking these avenues into account, we expect over 2000 student enrollments in the first year.

All of these courses will be made available through our learning portal for which courses open to the public and the communities we work with will also be advertised.

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