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The Institute will be home to Management International’s University with a Conference Centre, Offices, an Education Centre, Student Housing, a Hotel, and a Chalet. The institute also intends on being home to the Forum for Cities in Transition (FCT) and its affiliated research centres. ICO is dedicated to creating a better future. For us to realise this goal, We cannot only preach good governance, sustainability, inclusivity and positive change, but must be continuously reflecting on how we uphold these standards. The Vienna Institute will be uphold the same values. 

The Institute is committed to ICO guiding principles;  

  • Educational excellence  

  • Ethical Investments 

  • Sustainability  

  • Social and economic justice

It is of the utmost importance to us that all of those we work with, students, junior & senior researchers, former diplomats, high-level government officials, professionals, and most importantly community groups, can operate with a comfortable and safe environment.


This is why the institute is being created with our users' needs at the forefront of the design process.


We will do our best to only engage with parties whose employment policies are fair, who uphold our principles of Diversity and Equality, who respect human and animal rights, who employ sustainable environmental practices and behave with cultural sensitivity towards the communities within which they operate. 





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