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ICOVienna Institute

The Vienna Institute offers a nonpartisan and independent institute where minority community members can voice their concerns, access tools and unique methodologies to advocate on their behalf. The institute will be a site where all parties can come together from diaspora members to representatives of governments so that tangible outcomes for the achievement of peace can be realised.


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The ICO Vienna Institute will be the home for International communities Organisation's work globally. ICO has been working for peace and reconciliation in frozen intra-state conflicts where minority rights issues are ignored since 2016.

The ICO Vienna Institute will offer support to movement and groups. ICO works to give people who believe they do not have the opportunity to express their cultural rights, political and economic rights, a platform to express their self-development claims peacefully. 

As result of its track record, ICO was granted special consultative status for the United Nations Economic and Social Council with mandate to continue its work as an advocate for minority rights and bringing conflict parties together for constructive dialogue and diplomacy. The ICO Vienna Institute will be the place to continue and expand non this work.

By making resources as well expert advice available to them, we hope to give communities a platform so that they are heard and taken seriously. To achieve this, we will work to continuously develop best practices in accordance with international law and to look for innovative solutions so that compromises can be reached. At ICO we believe that peace and stability are crucial for communities to thrive and for future generations to prosper. 

The objectives of the institute is to facilitate discussion, encourage interdisciplinary research, build strong networks, impact policy, increase access to training, and invest in communities.

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