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The ICO Institute will have dedicated space for educational activities. We expect students from Management International University and our other international education partners. 

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 We will host several annual conferences and events aimed at facilitating dialogue, hold debates and encourage innovative thinking to contribute to the field of conflict transformation.



To help communities develop their ideas & project as well receive expert support we are creating office spaces that can allow collaboration as well as individual research and planning.

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ICO & its partners will work to build a world-class collection centred around the activities taking place on the ICO Vienna Institute.



A four-star hotel will be built on site to accommodate visitors, the communities we work with and event attendees. The hotel complex will have a variety of rooms to suit all our guests.



To ensure the well-being of our staff, students and visitors, a number of spaces dedicated to physical exercise and wellness will be built on site.



Several research centres will operate on the Vienna institute to explore a range of themes. Their outputs will seek to inform  community leaders, policy makers and practitioners.



The Vienna Institute will in part be an international forum for strategic discussions about minority rights and peace & conflict. We hope to facilitate dialogue between practitioners in the field as well as divided communities. We will therefore host several annual conferences and events.  These events will be led by programme directors whose combined expertise in the field enables them to identify emerging themes within the field at their very earliest stages. 

ICO's conference rooms will be used to hold forums, discussions, debates and encourage innovative thinking.  These events will be designed with programme directors who have combined expertise in international relations with a capacity to identify and develop emerging themes in policy trends at their very earliest stages. 

ICO will also allow other organisations to use the spaces at a fee in the case that the event taking place can demonstrate synergy with ICO’s objectives.  When the conferences are not being held, the facilities will be used as venues for professional training and workshops.


Supporting communities means granting them space to congregate, hold discussions, as well as allowing spaces to develop their ideas and work with experts to realise them. As a result, we have are designing office space that we hope will facilitate collaboration and openness. 

However, we also understand that the sensitive nature of the conversations we hope will take place at ICO warrants office layout that can equally maintain the confidentiality of actors. The Vienna Institute will therefore combine closed and open spaces to facilitate the various needs of those we work with,   ICO prefers to use colours, patterns, and textures that create an inviting and safe environment. 

Furnishings, finishes, and artwork will reflect the nature of the work within the space and be well taken care of and provide supportive and comfortable environments. 


The ICO Vienna Library will be a place for study, research and further investigation. It will be quiet and comfortable.  

The ICO Library will contain collections of print material in its compact shelving to house growing collections. It will also house a large variety of video, audio, and other forms of media commonly found in other libraries of its kind.

Academic Library Spaces: 

● Collection space 

● Electronic workstation space 

● Multimedia workstation space 

● Viewing rooms and listening rooms 

● User seating space 

● Staff workspace 

● Meeting space 

● Special use space 

● Barrier access -at the entry - and at the reception area  

● Printer Photocopies, Seating Areas 


ICO will also offer users and students affordable easy access to sport facilities. There will be a fully equipped gym and other sports facilities on the site.

 All sports facilities will be open for booking throughout the week for staff and students whilst booking for external use will be opened on the weekend. The hall will be for sports such as badminton, netball, basketball, handball and indoor football. The gym will be fully equipped and host several fitness studios for classes such as Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Cycling, Boxercise and for all activities listed on the Wellbeing Timetable. 

The site will also have an 8 lane athletic track to host outdoor sporting events.  


To meet the needs of our busy schedule and host all our international participants, a 4-star hotel will be located on the site There will be a total of 150 rooms and the site will offer 30 chalets with 100 m2 each. Details of the hotel rooms will be made publicly available soon. The hotel will be decorated and equipped by an international brand to deliver roomy accommodation with high quality modern décor and good soundproofing. 

The hotel will show a high-quality level of service through the extensive facilities on offer such as wellness, sports, gastronomy, and additional seminar facilities. 

Additionally, the hotel will host a separate reception staffed for 18 hours and a lobby available 24-hour with seating area and drinks service. The hotel bar will include a breakfast buffet as well room service and a la carte restaurant.  

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