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With knowledge sharing being at the centre of what we do, The Vienna Institute has been designed to realise its objective of academic excellence. We will continue to work to develop Management International University and create strategic university partnerships to act as a European destination for like-minded partners.  

The Vienna Institute’s educational goals are centred around the 3 following themes: 

Empowering people and communities.  

Delivering transformative education, research, and innovation  

Achieving organizational excellence 

Students of the ICO institute will come via different programmes. ICO research centre will offer several fellowship opportunities for independent or affiliated researchers. Management International University will attract students from all over the world, interested in higher education certificate and diplomas in Business & Entrepreneurship, Suitability & Good Governance, Conflict Resolution & Ethics. Lastly, our partnered universities will offer a range of courses, related to the work of ICO, to their students. 


To ensure the success of our diverse student body, we will have a dedicated team to coordinate the academic calendar, share on-site opportunities and foster a vibrant student body.  


Inductions will allow all students to understand which designated buildings will host them and which other campus amenities they can use such as conference rooms, accommodation facilities, and leisure facilities.  

Image by Mahendra Kumar



In 50 years from now, we want to reach over 20,000 students, based on the current number of international and national students enrolled at Vienna University and the UK Universities. 

Our vision is to unleash learners' creativity and encourage students to take greater responsibility for their own learning so that staff can facilitate collaborative learning, support student led projects and knowledge exchanges.  

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