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The ICO Archives stand as a testament to our dedication and accomplishments throughout our history. Compiled meticulously, these records offer both an insightful look into the breadth of our efforts and journey.


Our Mission Illuminated


Our goal has always been clear – to equip communities with the knowledge and tools they need to advocate for reconciliation and minority rights through peaceful means, underpinned by international humanitarian law and human rights conventions. ICO archives explores the heart and soul of ICO: our mission, ethos, and aspirations. We invite you to learn more about our relentless pursuit of empowering communities.


A Repository of Achievements

Our archives are not just a collection of documents; it’s a showcase of ICO's milestones, activities, and the tangible change we've brought about. Every piece, whether it's a report, a photograph, or a testimonial, narrates a story of commitment and change.


Paving the Path for Global Peace

The ICO Archives draw on our significant contributions to upholding and advancing global peacebuilding and development. As an organisation, we believe in fostering environments where human rights are respected and protected. Our archives bear witness to our endeavours in achieving this vision, making it an instrumental resource for anyone looking to understand our role in the global peace narrative.


At ICO Vienna, you will join us in revisiting our history, understanding our present, and shaping our future.

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