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As one of the four headquarters of the United Nations along with New York, Geneva, and Nairobi, the UN Office in Vienna gives administrative support to various UN bodies and institutions.


Out of the 19 agencies of the UN in Vienna, foreign policy, sustainability, and development fair amongst the most crucial activities, which can be observed in the achievements of agencies such as Peace and Security, Refugees, Disarmament Affairs and Peacebuilding.

"Vienna is the only city in the European Union for which, for 40 years, has hosted one of the 4 headquarters of the United Nations at the Vienna International Centre."


Additionally, specialised agencies such as UNIDO, The United Nations Industrial Development Organisation, host a number of interdisciplinary practitioners, with the aim of promoting industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalization, and environmental sustainability. The UN in Vienna is therefore responsible for conference planning and interpretation services for more than 2,000 conferences and meetings around the year. 

As a result of the institutional tradition of international dialogue that the UN in Vienna has been able to foster, ICO has chosen Vienna to further contribute to the development of this inclusive forum and lean on the expertise carefully crafted by organisations in the vicinity. 

By remaining committed to international law, conflict resolution, mediation and democratic channels as avenues to resolve conflict, International Communities Organisation in Vienna will host communities whose grievances often fall on deaf ears. 

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